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Gym LeadersEdit

Solana MichaelsEdit


Solana's general battle outfit

Personal InformationEdit

  • Solana Michaels
  • Female
  • 17 yrs.
  • Brown hair, blue eyes

Solana was originally born and raised in Hoenn until the age of 15 before moving to Unova by her own choosing. In Hoenn, she was confident and energetic, but did not know much about Pokemon. Her team was, as such, raised poorly. During her adventures, she captured a Trapinch out of what she felt as obligation. Once she raised it, however, she became completely attached to the now-Flygon Matt, never letting him off her team. She no longer uses the original Matt in battle, rather, a strictly bred and trained Flygon named after its father.

Her outfit is intentionally modeled after a Flygon, the Pokemon she loves to the point of obsession. It is the only Ground-type Pokemon that she actually admits to liking. A side-benefit of her outfit is that it is reasonably practical for hot environments.

Solana tends to be a bit hot-headed, and her reactions to a loss in battle range from being motivated to try harder to a full-out rampage. When she is victorious, she tends to gloat.

When conquered in battle, she will give out one of her specially-bred Trapinches, generally holding items of some value.

In-game InformationEdit

Name: Solana
FC: Pending
PLEASE NOTE: I am not American. I live in Australia. Because of this, in American timezones, I am generally only avaliable for battle from about 3pm onwards on weekends. On weekdays, I am only avaliable for battle from 10pm onwards (going by west coast timezones)

Competitive TeamEdit

Solana's party consists of the following:

  • Gliscor
  • Flygon
  • Hippowdon
  • Krookodile
  • Claydol
  • Excadrill

This team may be prone to change with time.