Prepare to witness the majesty of flying type pokemon!

Dustin always dreamed of flying. So much so that he envied the birds. When Dustin came of age he didn't want to choose from the three starter pokemon from his region. Instead, he grabbed as many pokeballs his little hands could carry and set off to catch the first bird pokemon he found.

His first encounter with a wild pokemon was short and straight forward. He threw the ball, pissed off the Pidgey he was attemping to capture, and recieved severe pecking wounds. Undaunted, Dustin kept at it for months; refusing to give up, he went out daily in search of the wild Pidgey, and daily he would get pecked until his body resembled swiss cheese. Then the eventfull day came along when Dustin, frustrated about his repetitive failures, marched out into the forest shouting at trees, kicking stumps, and throwing rocks as he sauntered through the foliage. While he was wallowing in self pity he heard the faint cooing of a dying pokemon. It took him only seconds to find it's source: The Pidgey. The soul cause of his frustation was before him. It would have been easy to catch right then and there, but Dustin knew that it would resent him for taking advantage of it in it's weak state. Their feud could not end that way, it's simply unprofessional. So, with all his might, Dustin raced to the nearest pokecenter with the downed bird tucked safely under his arm.

A day later Pidgey was as right as rain. Dustin checked Pidgey out of the pokecenter and carried it outside only to have the newly revived adversary burst out of his arms and powerfully peck him on the forehead. This did not come to a surprise to Dustin, but it's next action did. The Pidgey, the one thing he desired most, just stood there as if waiting. Dumbfounded, Dustin stood there and stared back at the small bird blankly. The Pidgey quickly grew impatient and pecked him again then landed in his hand. Then it dawned on him. Frantically, the young trainer fumbled through his bag despretely searching for his pokeball. That day he was no longer rivals with the elusive Pidgey, but equals.

Dustin went on to be a pilot, but lost his eyesight in his left eye soon after. Wings clipped, Dustin turned to the natural aviators: Birds. His pokemon helped him through the deep depression that followed the loss of his eye. His best friend, and closest partner, Pidgeot, Zephyr stays perched next to the door of his gym to spook hopeful challengers as they enter.

Dustin's main teamEdit

Flying team

in order: zephyr, Bellona, Witch, Merlin, Gwaihir, Duran

  • Pidgeot (Zephyr)
  • Skarmory (Bellona)
  • Honchcrow (Witch)
  • Xatu (Merlin)
  • Braviary (Gwaihir)
  • Gliscor (Duran)

Alternative PokemonEdit

  • Togekiss (Eros)
  • Swellow (Morgan)
  • Unfezant (Guinevere)
  • Fearow (Notus)
  • Mandibuzz (Malady)
  • Chatot (Pearl)
  • Swanna (Dutchess)
  • Crobat (Sonya)
  • Staraptor (Horus)
  • Altaria (Shu)
  • Noctowl (Hedwig)
  • Dodrio (Thoth)
  • Aerodactyl (Mal)
  • Pelipper (William)
  • Swoobat (Jane)
  • Sycther (Reaper)
  • Archeops (Petree)

Contact informationEdit

Friend code: 2666 1429 3930

/vp/ postname: DustMonkey


Dustin is now accepting gym challenges. Email him your friend code to challenge. (Dustin's battles are level 50 flat double battles.)

The Rising Star BadgeEdit

Rising star badge

The Rising Star badge is given to those who defeat Dustin

When you beat Dustin in a double battle your name and friend code will be added to a list that confirms you have beaten the leader. Those with the Rising Star Badge will also get a specially breed Pidgy with the same moveset as Dustin's Pidgeot, or a Zubat with Brave Bird

Rising starsEdit

(list will be updated after each battle)


  • Yes, Pidgeot is 90 pounds...and on my shoulder.