Just because a Pokemon is a Dark Type doesn't mean it's evil. Prepare to see the true might of Dark Type Pokemon!
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Blair grew up moving from town to town. This nomadic lifestyle kept him from ever choosing a starter Pokemon. (or any other pokemon for that matter.) Always being the kid without a Pokemon took a toll on Blair's self esteem. His lack of confidence led him to bind and throw off Village Bridge. The attempt to, metaphorically and physically, drown out his problems was thwarted by a nearby Carvahna at the last minute; who saw the danger and instictively ripped the ropes that bound Blair. When He awoke, Blair was face up on the lakes edge. Sitting up abruptly, he found that his little rescuer was floating comfortably at his side. This started a friendship that would last a lifetime. Every day Blair would visit the lake and play with his new friend.

When it was time for Blair to move again he offered to take the Carvahna with him. In response, his little protector jumped into Blair's arms. In Blair's eyes Dark Type Pokemon, much like himself, are misunderstood and are wrongly feared. His goal is to show everyone that not everything dark is evil; one trainer at a time.

Dark Team (JOE)

Blair became a gym leader shortly after his cousin, Dustin. (who specializes in Flying Type Pokemon) The two cousins are as close as brothers and can often be spotted together: training, battling, disscusing Pokemon strategies, evaluating pi, and cracking jokes that most people would not understand.

Battle InfoEdit

My Friend code is 1936 0052 1648

I can generally only battle on weekends. After battles, I'm always open for trades and such.

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Roman "Grimauld"Edit

Dark team
Forever lost in the abyss of his own mind lives the Dark-type Pokémon enthusiast, Roman "Grimauld". Born on the outskirts of Castelia City to a very wealthy, aristocratic family, he knew little of the frivolous joy and exploration of typical youth. Being an only child, his parents demanded that he receive private instruction on their estate, fearing what corruption would befall their son from exposure to common "city urchins". He didn't see the outdoors much as a young child. His only interest was sitting in his windowsill and reading novellas, particularly the writings of Shauntal of the Unova Pokémon League. He was always small for his age and frequently ill.

On his sixth birthday, his parents decided to purchase him an exotic Pokémon from a far-away region to keep him company in their habitual absence. This young male Eevee came to be Roman's most trusted and loyal friend. With the help of Eevee, Roman began to explore the world outside of home. The two would eventually begin to go for very long walks under the stars on Skyarrow Bridge and Pinwheel Forest to escape the boredom of everyday life. The two grew together, fond of falling asleep under the vastness and serene placidity of the night sky that they could see so little of in Castelia. It was on one of these nights that the stars lined up and Eevee became an Umbreon. He was affectionately nicknamed "Ganymede" after one of the moons of Jupiter and the Trojan hero of Greek mythology.

This event lead Roman to seek a new life as a Pokémon trainer so he could meet and train other fascinating friends just like his Umbreon, as well as earn the chance to meet his favorite author Shauntal in person. He also picked up the use of his middle name, Grimauld. His journey is now eleven years in progress and he retains the position of Gym Leader of a gym specializing in the training and advancement of the Pokémon who feel as comfortable under the shade of night as he, the Dark-type.